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How can your organization encourage employees in leadership roles to become more engaged in the leadership process. You are a key leader in your organization’s development of a corporate mindset. It is this mindset that allows you to lead at all levels and take your company from good-to-great.

You can have a powerful impact on the leadership style and culture within the organization by being a “keyleader”.

Stop! Close your door and put down all papers. Do not answer the telephone. Take some time to reflect. For the following questions, think about what you want to write and how you can do it.

o What “leadership philosophy” do I communicate to my staff during meetings?

o How do I communicate consistently and clearly what I expect of my senior executives?

o How do I communicate my expectations of my senior executives and Jason Hare my department regarding “business leadership”?

o What tone of leadership and corporate culture can I expect my management team to model…and set…?

o What “specific leadership message” should they communicate to the leaders of the organization and those below them?

o Should I use or discuss leadership books and articles with my employees?

o What tolerance should I and my employees have for those who don’t practice solid leadership? Grow the company talent… and live the corporate culture.

o How does the company culture model? Does my staff have a customer-focused approach at the top level (internally and outwardly) Do they help employees realize their potential? Are they willing and able to challenge the status of the game? Do they encourage inspired leadership? Do they promote diversity, especially in the area of thought? Do they instill excellence wherever they go? Are they committed and willing to work with others when necessary?

These questions are necessary because often, the topics of leadership or corporate culture are not discussed at the highest levels. Many people in supervisory positions get so involved in their day-today activities that they forget about the impact their leadership role has on “all of” the people they are expected to lead.

I believe that most leadership books are solid guides for going from good-to-great and applying good leadership principles. The book is not enough to make people change. In today’s chaotic environment, key leaders are required to engage in the process for bringing about change.

Leadership must not be treated as a job or a program to manage middle managers. Instead, it must be understood at all levels of the organization as a way of “being an effective leader.” You already know this, even though it’s “soft” work.

You have now taken the time to reflect on “Leadership by Example” and are ready to put into words what you will do in order to show the way to those you lead. All who come into contact will be able to see and feel your shadow.

The secret of “true leadership” is they are the ones who set the example, and they model.

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