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Top 10 Newborn Essentials

It is easy to get attached to every baby item you see, especially when you are pregnant. Your baby will be playing with electronic toys and lights balls while you play the Baby Einstein DVD.

It’s almost impossible to resist the cuteness and genius of everything marketed for babies. There are only a few baby products that you must have when your baby enters the world.

These items have been reduced to 10 essentials. You can purchase any other items as you’ll need them once your baby is born. You won’t feel overwhelmed or deprived by the amount of items you don’t want and/or cannot afford.

A blanket is the best blanket for a newborn baby.Blankets provide a secure, comfortable cocoon of warmth that mimics the womb environment. You should purchase at least four blankets. These blankets can be lightweight cotton receiving blankets or thicker, warmer fleece blankets. Blankets are versatile. You can use them as a place to put your baby for a diaper change and then as a nursing cover for privacy.

A diaper is the first thing that a baby “dresses” in.The first diaper won’t last long. You’ll need to keep a steady supply of diapers from now until your potty learning period. A bag of disposable diapers will last you longer than a bag full of potato chips. A newborn will require at least eight diapers per day. It is likely that they will need more. Consider the pros and cons to cloth diapers versus disposable diapers. Wipes are also necessary, but cotton balls and water are better for newborn babies in the first few weeks.

Your climate will determine what type of newborn clothing you should have.You will need warmer clothes that you can layer on. A basic newborn wardrobe should consist of several one-pieces. This is a shirt that snaps together at the crotch. You will be using them no matter what season.

Newborn Essentials /> Although you don’t need to purchase anything for your newborn food, it is so important that it should be mentioned.Everything you need if you choose to breastfeed is already included. It is a good idea to have a breast pump and a bottle in case you need it. You can also freeze milk for future use. You will need at least four bottles of formula if you don’t plan to breastfeed.

Car Seat
A car seat is essential for any trip you take with your baby, even home from the hospital.Even if your baby is going to be at home, a car seat must be installed prior to labor. This will allow you to take an emergency trip to the hospital with you. Make sure that the seat is correctly installed. It’s easy to put it wrong. To find the best car seat, research and read reviews. It is crucial for your baby’s safety.

Unless your baby will be sleeping in your arms, which may be tempting, or until your tired muscles and fatigue set in, you’ll need somewhere to place him/her down.You can use a cradle or a bassinet to provide this safe and comfortable place. Review and rate the product. Make sure the crib meets safety standards and the space between the slats isn’t too large. (Simple test: a soda bottle should not pass through the slats). A crib that can be converted into a toddler bed is a great investment.

Because they are smaller, cradles and bassinets can be easily moved from one room to the next. These are more suitable for newborns than cribs and should be replaced with cribs. A co-sleeper can be attached or put in your own bed, but a baby will not fit in it for very long. Co-sleepers can be very helpful for tired mothers in the first few weeks and months. They allow them to stay awake for their baby, but also make it easier for them to get up for baby.

No matter what type of newborn bed you choose to use, a mattress, waterproof pad and fitted sheets are all necessary. However, comforters and loose blankets and sheets are not recommended as they increase the risk for strangulation and smothering.

Nasal Aspirator
You will need one of those long-stemmed squeezable rubber bulbs.It’s a very simple device that works great! You’ll be grateful that you have a way for your baby to stop sputtering due to mucous in their throats and/or nasals.

How to insert a nasal aspirator. Unless your baby is having trouble getting the end in his or her nostrils or mouth, it’s easy. Before inserting the stem in the nostril, or mouth, squeeze the bulb. After the bulb is in, stop squeezing. Let it fill with air and mucous. Continue to do this until you are satisfied.

Clean a nasal aspirator with warm, clean water. Place the stem end in warm water and gently squeeze. Repeat this process until the water runs clear. Although it won’t clean the entire aspirator, this will make it easier than not trying.

You won’t likely be dipping your baby into a bathtub anytime soon.For quick clean-ups, little washcloths can be used with warm water. Keep a good stack of around ten washcloths on hand.

You’ll need them all!Soft terry towels can be used as wraps to keep newborns warm while they are being washed and dry.

A cute set of baby bibs in newborn sizes is recommended.Larger bibs are simply too big for newborns. Keep a few clean baby bibs around the house and in your diaper bag. This will help you keep your baby clean and save precious baby clothes from getting stained. It’s much easier to change one bib than one outfit.

Your unconditional love is the most important thing for your newborn. It can’t be purchased or categorized. Then warmth, shelter, and happiness will naturally follow.

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