Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
Top Tips to Keep Homes Safe During the Holiday Season

The holiday season brings festivities, decorations, shopping, and baking. Have fun but simultaneously stay safe! Here are some helpful tips to keep your home more secure during the holiday season.

Avoid sharing travel plans online

If you have travel plans for the holiday season never share them on a social media platform. Never post the destination where you will be going, when you will be leaving or the date you will come back. Burglars can gain this information and know when your home will be empty. Instagram and Facebook have the highest security levels but never post such information.

Notify your neighbor

Inform a trusted neighbor about your holiday season travel plans. Request them to monitor your home and call you if they detect suspicious activity. Stop the newspaper delivery and mail when you are gone. Piles on your doorstep can create suspicion that the house is empty. If you reside in Dallas then there are many home monitoring companies. Alarm companies dallas even offer monitored home security systems that are affordable.

Hide gifts & packages

Ensure that gifts are hidden from not just your kids but even from potential burglars. Keep Christmas tree and pretty wrapped gifts away from the windows because when you are away from home, thieves can easily break in and grab the gifts. An unguarded porch also invites burglars, especially when there is a courier package delivery. Add outdoor CCTV to deter porch pirates or a locked drop box for the porch.

The holiday season is wonderful but be alert and safe!

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