Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
Underdog Filmmaker Overcomes Pandemic

Bardya Zeian has always longed to make movies.

Bardya loved the idea of filmmaking, and he was drawn to it.

One problem was that he didn’t have any experience in the movie industry.

Ziaian stated that “I’ve always had the dream of bringing stories life onscreen.” “Even though I had no prior experience in the field, I knew I had got to try it.”

Ziaian knew it would be hard to make his first movie. But what he didn’t know was that it would be during a global epidemic.

He had to master the fundamentals of filmmaking as well as how to manage work environments during COVID-19. Ziaian says it is crucial to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe on Bardya Ziaian set in order to provide the best performances.

Ziaian’s leadership was essential in getting the film completed. She provided unwavering support for all team members and gave her full support.

Ziaian led his 60-member film crew through many trials and tribulations to make his first film, Super Dicks.

The Dream

Bardya Ziaian’s prior work experience was focused on managing corporate finances.

His previous experience includes his time as President/CEO of Pario Technologies Corp. and most recently, SITTU Group Inc. is where he heads SITTU Group Inc. a think tank.

Ziaian understood from the start that filmmaking would be difficult for someone who has never had to do it before. He felt his financial experience would benefit him. After all, he had extensive experience in managing large teams of employees as well as complex projects.

He was excited for this challenge.

Ziaian explained that “at my core, it’s a learner.” “I don’t have any film background, but I wanted learn all I could about the industry. I believe that if you have a passion for something, it’s a good idea to take the plunge and try it.

The Challenges

Baryda and his team had already begun film production prior to the pandemic. However it didn’t stop them once the worst of lockdowns in Canada began.

Ziaian explained that although it did pose some challenges, there might have been other opportunities for actors and crew. Because of this, they were able to continue the project without hesitation.

“My crew and i began to research and write the script for the movie before COVID-19 hit the nation,” he explained. “Though the pandemic didn’t slow us down much, it did give us the opportunity to postpone. “In the final, I’m glad I made the decision to continue filming.”

Ziaian did not work with an ordinary film crew.

He wanted all roles, including those of scriptwriters and financial accountants as well as production managers to be filled by members of the in-house team.

He stated that it took a lot work and creative problem-solving to get through the project. “I spent a lot on the front end by myself: scriptwriting and hiring actors. I also found funding. And all of that was before production began. I really wanted this to be done on our own. Unfortunately, we didn’t know anyone in the industry. We didn’t have any experience in filmmaking so we had to learn the basics. But, I believe that with enough determination and passion, this could be possible.

The Lesson

Ziaian has always been driven to learn more, do more, and succeed in life. He said that his team and he have learned so much from this experience. “I’ve always challenged myself and my teams to go beyond their comfort zones in order learn and grow. It is evident in this film that I believe it reflects that philosophy.

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